Ian Morris's research focuses mainly on long-term world history, from the end of the Ice Age to recent times, and its implications for understanding the future. He is particularly interested in how biology, sociology, and geography have shaped human history. He began his career as an ancient Mediterranean historian and archaeologist, and remains active in these areas.

Current Books

War! What is it Good For?

A history of warfare from its prehuman roots to the transformations of the 21st century, arguing that war has, in fact, been good for something—it has built larger societies that have made humans both richer and safer—but has now become so destructive that it is ceasing to be good for anything at all. To be published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in the USA and Profile Books in the UK.

The Ancient World: A New History

The first book to tell the story of the whole world in ancient times, tracing the rise of increasingly powerful, sophisticated, and wealthy societies across the thousands of years that separated the end of the Ice Age and the first mega-empires ruling tens of millions of people. To be published by Princeton University Press.